Practice Areas

Most of our clients are the victims of deceptive advertising, money schemes, and fraud so we encourage everyone to take immediate legal action. If you feel you or your company has a claim outside of the areas we practice, do not hesitate to contact us about it. We are always willing to expand to the needs of our clients.

Junk Faxes

If you believe that you have received a junk fax, we would like to hear from you. Contact us today and let us review your claim. You may be eligible for compensation under the law. The Federal Communications Commission has declared that penalties can range from $500 to $1500 per unsolicited fax.

Total Vehicle Loss

Have you sustained vehicle been totalled in the last 10 years? Did your insurer pay you the replacement value of your car? You may be entitled to more money than you received. Contact us for a free consultation.

Robocalls and Spam Text Messages

Robocalls, those computerized, prerecorded messages used by telemarketers to sell you goods or services are not only a nuisance; in many cases they are illegal. As of October 2013, it became illegal to send robocalls and spam text messages to cell phones. Just like junk faxes, no business or individual has the right to harass you with unwanted messages. Anyone sending robocalls or text messages to your cell phone MUST have permission IN WRITING, even if they believe they already have an “established business relationship” with you or your company. The only exceptions to this are emergency notifications or items from your phone carrier. If you or your company are being harassed by robocalls or spam text messages, click the links below.

Defective Products

One of the realities of manufacturing is that not every product made is perfect. It is when these imperfections amount to a defect that we can help. Businesses should not be allowed to get away with selling you a defective product and then refuse to help with you bring the problem to their attention.

If you have been taken advantage of, either by a business or through a product you’ve purchased, please contact us.

Product Warranty Claims

If you have made a warranty claim and feel your claim was wrongfully denied, we want to talk to you. Wrongful denial of warranty claims is a way some companies get out of standing behind their products.

By definition, a warranty is a written statement of “good quality of merchandise”. A warranty claim is a customer’s claim for repair or replacement of, or compensation for a defective product. Manufacturers should stand behind their products. If you have purchased an item that did not live up to the manufacturer’s promise and have not gotten satisfaction of repair, replacement or a refund through a warranty claim, please contact our offices today.

Data breaches

Biometric privacy

Life insurance fees

Long Term Care Insurance

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