Total Vehicle Loss Claims in Alabama

total-loss-car-insurance-settlement-alabamaAccording to the Alabama Department of Transportation, the 159,102 car crashes that occurred in Alabama in 2019 is 23 percent higher than the number of total car accidents in 2010.

If you are involved in a car accident, there is a chance you will have to file a total vehicle loss claim through your insurance.  In the state of Alabama, your vehicle is considered a total loss if the cost of repairs is more than 75 percent of the vehicle’s “fair retail value.”

Under Alabama law, “fair retail value” is the “cost to purchase at retail a comparable vehicle of like kind and quality, made by the same manufacturer, of the same or newer model year, of a similar body type with similar options and mileage as the insured vehicle, including taxes and fees incident to transfer of ownership of a comparable vehicle.”

If you must file for a total loss vehicle settlement in Alabama, contact our attorneys at Anderson + Wanca.  Our attorneys will review your insurance policy, settlement documents, and invoice for a replacement vehicle to ensure that you get a fair settlement.  If the vehicle loss settlement is less than what it should be, our attorneys will help secure a higher settlement.

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Insurance Settlements for Total Loss Vehicles in Alabama

When a car accident occurs in Alabama, the drivers must file an insurance claim.  The insurance companies of both drivers will evaluate the damage to determine if the cars should be repaired or if the damages are enough to declare them totaled.

If your vehicle is declared a total loss, your insurance company, or the insurance company of the at fault driver, will pay you the fair retail value of your vehicle.  You are entitled to this pay from a total loss claim.  The amount will be determined by the insurance company according to how fair retail value is determined in Alabama.

What Happens When Your Insurance Totals Your Car?

Before your insurance company declares your car totaled, they will evaluate the damage of the car and estimate the costs to fix the damage.  They will then determine the fair retail value of your car based on nationally recognized compilations of retail values, such as the National Automobile Dealers Association’s Used Car Guide.

The fair retail value of your car will be similar to that of vehicles of comparable model, year, mileage, and quality.  

However, some total loss settlements may neglect the following fees:

  • Sales tax
  • Title transfer
  • Vehicle registration
  • License plate transfer
  • Other mandatory Alabama fees

If these fees are not factored into the insurance settlement for your total car loss, you may be entitled to more in the settlement.

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Our attorneys at Anderson + Wanca can help those filing total loss vehicle claims in Alabama.  We are experienced with these types of cases and are knowledgeable of all applicable laws.

We will review your insurance policy, settlement documents, and the invoice for your replacement vehicle to ensure you are getting a fair settlement.  You can trust our attorneys to identify whether or not you are entitled to a higher total vehicle loss settlement.

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Total Vehicle Loss

If you have sustained a total vehicle loss in the state of Alabama, we would be happy to review your settlement documents, your insurance policy, and the invoice for your replacement vehicle to determine if you are owed additional money.

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