Long Term Care Insurance Fraud

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If you received a long-term care policy and are now experiencing unexpected rate increases year over year, please call us to review your policy terms. Insurance companies are capable of increasing rates provided they obtain permission from the appropriate agencies and act within the scope of the policy parameters. These rates are often determined by each state, and it is unlawful for an insurance company to increase their rates above the state’s regulation or if your insurer contracted not to raise your premiums beyond a certain age. If you believe you might have been overcharged, you may be eligible to get your rates reduced and for compensation. 

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long term care insurance

We are a class action firm that handles cases on a contingency fee basis. We would like you to represent all persons in similar situations to help rectify the situation.

We have a short form for you to fill out to get started. We will also need a copy of your insurance policy and most recent premium increase notification letter.

If you are interested in a free consultation to explore whether you have a claim and may be entitled to a refund, please call us at 888-505-0953 or email us at LTCinsurance@andersonwanca.com.

We work with attorneys licensed throughout the United States so you do not have to reside in Illinois to be eligible.

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