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Consumer Class Action Lawsuit FAQ

Class action lawsuits can be initiated when an entity, such as a corporation, commits a wrongdoing that affects numerous people, such as customers. When a grave offense occurs, a class action lawsuit should be started to bring justice to every member of the lawsuit who was harmed.

Most individual claimants do not have the exorbitant financial resources to legally pursue a major company that has inflicted damage. However, when groups of wronged individuals come together and file, they have a better chance of hiring a lawyer and ultimately receiving justice.

When a business engages in deceptive advertising or fraud, or sells a faulty product, consumers who have been wronged can seek compensation through a class action lawsuit. The answers to the following frequently asked questions should provide you with important information regarding consumer class action lawsuits.

What is a Consumer Class Action Lawsuit?

A consumer class action lawsuit is a means for consumers who have been harmed due to faulty products or false advertising to seek and receive compensation.  Consumer lawsuits also have the power to force a change in fraudulent industry practices that have not previously been challenged.

Class Action Lawsuit

What Actions can Warrant a Consumer Class Action Lawsuit?

Any situation in which a business is taking advantage of consumers or preying on their lack of knowledge regarding a product, service, or industry in violation of consumer protection laws can lead to a consumer class action lawsuit.  The following are some common examples of these types of violations:

  • Bait and switch
  • False advertising
  • Fraud and scams
  • Selling recalled and unsafe products
  • Refusing exchanges and refunds

How Do Consumer Class Action Lawsuits Happen?

A consumer class action lawsuit can begin when one consumer represents a group that has suffered the same harm from a business and files a lawsuit.  Once the lawsuit is filed, others can join the suit and be entitled to their part of the compensation.  These lawsuits have a higher rate of success as more people who have experienced similar harm join.  The harm experienced by each consumer does not have to be significant to warrant a consumer lawsuit.

Who can Start a Consumer Class Action Lawsuit?

Under the Consumer Protection Act, a single person who purchased the product or service can bring a consumer class action lawsuit.  That person just needs to team up with a consumer protection attorney and they will act as the representative for other consumers who were harmed by the same product or service.

Can One Plaintiff Represent a Class Action Lawsuit?

A consumer class action lawsuit can be represented by a single plaintiff who represents all consumers affected.  There will be a single court case for the lawsuit and the compensation for all consumers involved is determined by the outcome of the case.  Most people who join a class action suit only need to put forth minimal effort and can receive compensation.

Class Action Lawsuit


Is Proof Required to Join a Consumer Class Action Lawsuit?

In some cases, you may need to provide proof of purchase of the product or service in question such as a receipt or product packaging to claim an award from the class action settlement.  In many cases, you may be able to claim an award from the settlement without required proof of purchase.

What is the Benefit of Being the Class Representative?

The main benefit of being a class representative in a consumer class action lawsuit is that you get to hold the company accountable for the wrong they did not only to you, but to many others who have had the same experience.  You have the chance to take an active role and make a difference by standing up on behalf of all consumers who were harmed in some way and ensure that they get the compensation they deserve.  In most cases, being a class representative will not cost you anything as consumer class action attorneys typically cover the costs.

What Steps Should I Take to Start a Consumer Class Action Lawsuit?

If you have been affected by consumer fraud, false advertising, or a faulty product or service, you can call the consumer class action lawyers of Anderson + Wanca.  We will discuss your case with you and let you know your options for bringing a class action lawsuit.

What is Considered False Advertising?

False advertising is when a product or service is advertised to sell in a way that is inaccurate.  This may include outright lies about a product or service as well as misleading statements that while technically true, may be deceptive or misleading.

How Do I Know If I’ve Been a Victim of False Advertising?

If a product or service you have paid for does not appear to be as advertised, you may be a victim of false advertising.  You can also check the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act to see if any of the conditions of the act have been violated by their advertising.

What Steps Can I Take If I’m Affected by False Advertising?

You can file a consumer class action lawsuit if you believe you have been affected by false advertising.  You can talk to our consumer class action attorneys at Anderson + Wanca to explain your case and we will help determine if you have a case to file a consumer class action lawsuit.

Are Any Companies Too Big to Be Affected by a Class Action Lawsuit?

Any company, no matter how big, can be sued with a class action lawsuit as no business is above the law.  Major corporations including Microsoft, Google, and Apple have been hit with consumer class action lawsuits and our attorneys can help you stand up to any business that has wronged their consumers, no matter how large.

What Can I Do if I’m Affected by Telemarketing or Invasion of Privacy?

Invasive telemarketing, as well as the selling and disclosure of personal information and unpaid debts, may be done in violation of federal law.  If you believe you have been the victim of telemarketing, selling of your biometric data or personal information, or harassment for unpaid debts, talk to our attorneys about your options for a consumer class action lawsuit.  We will discuss your options with you after reviewing your case.

Consumer Class Action Attorneys at Anderson + Wanca

Class Action Attorneys at Anderson + WancaFiling a consumer class action lawsuit can help victims receive the compensation they deserve after being harmed by a company. Taking collective legal action can also spur improvements within the industry. When you have been injured by a corporation, consult Anderson + Wanca for legal help.

We represent a range of clients, from those who have been victims of deceptive advertising to outright fraud and financial schemes. Our highly skilled lawyers also handle a range of claims outside these specific areas of practice. We aim to bring justice to anyone who has been wronged.

Anderson + Wanca attorneys specialize in handling cases involving defective products. Corporations are responsible for providing consumers with quality goods, so we make it a point to hold them accountable for allowing their grievous errors to continue and refusing to correct their wrongdoings.

Individuals whose warranty claims were wrongfully denied also receive expert legal guidance from our experienced attorneys. We provide legal support to people who are entitled to receive a satisfactory repair, replacement, or refund through their warranty claim—but who have not.

Your case deserves to be handled by capable legal professionals, and you’ll find qualified attorneys at Anderson + Wanca. Consult our law firm based in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Our class action attorneys will fight for your right to receive damages. Call our office today.