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Can I Sue My Employer for a Data Breach?

Digital databases are a backbone of today’s society. Financial institutions, hospitals, retail stores and a host of other venues are expected to store the data of customers responsibly. Employers, too, house valuable employee data, which begs the question: Can an employee sue for a data breach?

Total Vehicle Loss FAQ

total vehicle loss

If your vehicle is considered totaled after an accident, you should get an insurance settlement that includes the cash value of the car as well as other replacement costs such as sales tax and vehicle registration fees.  It is important to understand what goes into a total loss car insurance settlement to ensure that you get a fair settlement with all replacement costs being considered. In this FAQ, we cover the most common questions about total vehicle loss so that you know what to expect if you are getting a total loss car insurance settlement.

What to Do if Your Data Has Been Stolen

As more and more of the world shifts online during the COVID-19 pandemic, data security has become a chief concern.  Any time you supply personal and/or financial information online, whether to pay bills, to make purchases, or to utilize online medical services, you are entrusting these companies to safeguard your identity.  Bad actors are constantly looking to take advantage of your important data.