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If your business has a fax machine, then you have likely received junk faxes.  While not every junk fax  is illegal, advertisements sent by fax without prior express invitation or permission are.

If you receive junk faxes that are in violation of the Telephone Consumer Prevention Act, you can take legal action against the senders and recover statutory damages.

If you believe that you are receiving illegal junk faxes, call our attorneys at Anderson + Wanca.  Our firm has more than 18 years of class action experience and we are a leader in the field of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) law.

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To date, we have helped clients collect hundreds of millions in settlements from junk fax lawsuits.  Our attorneys are passionate about our work and we want to help put an end to spammers disrupting your daily life and having you pay for someone else’s advertising.

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Telephone Consumer Protection Actdoctor receiving fax spam

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was passed by Congress in 1991 to restrict telemarketers and spammers by making it illegal to send unsolicited advertisements in the form of phone calls, faxes, and other messages without permission from the recipient.

In 2005, Congress passed the Junk Fax Prevention Act (JFPA) which amended the TCPA so that faxes are allowed to be sent from one party to another without prior consent if the two parties have an established business relationship (“EBR”).

The revised rules of the JFPA regarding fax spam include the following:

  • Senders of fax advertisements must provide specific information on the fax that allows recipients to “opt-out” of any future faxes from the sender.
  • Senders must specify the circumstances under which a request to “opt-out” complies with the Act.

Under the JFPA, senders can send fax advertisements to businesses in which they have established a voluntary business relationship, as well as to faxes if they have received the numbers from a directory, advertisement, or website in which the recipient voluntarily made their fax number available.

There is no expiration for this as senders can send fax advertisements to recipients that meet these conditions for years.

However, if you receive faxes from a business that you have never had a business relationship with, or you have never made your fax number publicly available, or if you had an EBR but the sender did not comply with the opt-out language requirements, then these faxes are unsolicited and illegal.

You can take legal action and sue the sender of the junk faxes.

Junk Fax Lawsuit

Those who have received illegal junk fax advertisements in violation of the TCPA can bring legal action against the senders and hold them accountable.  Our attorneys at Anderson + Wanca will review your case to determine if the TCPA has been violated and if the behavior of the sender is not protected by the JFPA.  We will work diligently to report junk fax spam and obtain the settlement you deserve.

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