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data breach lawsuitAs more information is stored in computer systems, data centers, and cloud storage platforms, the risk of a data breach only continues to grow.

These attacks can catch anyone off guard, from small businesses to large corporations.

However, the true victims of a data breach are the customers and users who have had their sensitive information leaked. This can also affect healthcare patients in cases of a HIPAA data breach involving medical records.

How a Data Breach Can Affect You

When your personal information is stolen, you could fall victim to a number of different scenarios:

  • Identity theft
  • Stolen credit card
  • Biometric data stolen (fingerprints, facial recognition, etc…)
  • Health insurance penalties
  • Compromised bank accounts
  • Personal data sold to advertising and spam agencies
  • Confidential photos and conversations leaked
  • Personally identifiable information used across the world

Perhaps the worst aspect is that after a data breach occurs, these scenarios may manifest up to years after the initial cyber-attack.

The magnitude of these threats is just part of the reason why companies can be sued for how they handle a data breach.

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Anderson + Wanca is a law firm based in Chicago, IL that provides legal assistance for victims of data breaches. Our expert attorneys are experienced in handling investigations, legal claims, and class action lawsuits involving data security and cyber-attacks. We will take into account all factors of the data breach and explore options that may award you financial reimbursement.

Even if you were notified immediately with a data breach letter when the attack occurred, you can be eligible for a possible settlement.

If you were the victim of a data breach, contact Anderson + Wanca at (855) 827-2329 or use our contact form to receive a free consultation from our experienced data security attorneys.

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