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Why Do I Need a Class Action Attorney?

A class action lawsuit is a highly complex form of litigation – prompting the need for a qualified class action attorney. The legal landscape is far different than an individual lawsuit, and experienced class action attorneys help the many plaintiffs capably navigate the process.

How Class Action Lawsuits Work

How do traditional lawsuits differ from class action lawsuits?

Typical lawsuits may involve a plaintiff and defendant, each of which is represented by their own lawyer. A class action lawsuit, however, is made up of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of plaintiffs and demands skillful navigation from legal professionals to see a desirable outcome.

The numerous plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit may reside in various parts of the country, in different cities and states. Unlike a traditional lawsuit, where the plaintiff presents an individual case, the class action lawyer communicates with the class representative’s legal counsel.

Why is a class action attorney necessary?

Due to the large number of plaintiffs, a class action lawsuit can be intimidating. But a class action attorney is available to answer any questions that arise and evaluate evidence. The support of a legal professional simplifies the representation and streamlines the entire process.

  1. Skillful Handling

Defendants in class action lawsuits are oftentimes large corporations with dozens of highly skilled lawyers and ample financial resources to spend on litigation. Attorneys representing major companies may utilize delay tactics in hopes of wearing out the plaintiff and causing them to give up.

Experienced class action attorneys, however, know how to skillfully navigate these inevitable complexities. Class action lawyers are not intimidated by corporate lawyers; rather, they use their specialized skill set to stand up for their client’s interests in settlement negotiations and in court.

  1. Geographical Scope

The lawyer representing the lead plaintiff may be located in another state or city. Hiring a local class action attorney eliminates the need to travel or use registered post to communicate; rather, all communications go through the class action lawyer, who also provides regular case updates.

Most likely, the class action suit will be heard in a different state. A skilled class action attorney is aware of the court procedures in that state. They are knowledgeable about not only the state’s forms, requirements, and fees, but the statute of limitations that can impact the class action lawsuit.

  1. Robust Case-Building

A class action attorney will build a solid case on their client’s behalf. Being eligible to join a class action lawsuit does not automatically guarantee a winning outcome. Evidence must still be gathered and presented to show injuries and economic damages.

The class action lawyer may issue subpoenas to obtain evidence. The corporations are then forced to release internal documents showing that they were aware of the defective products or unethical practices yet still offered those goods or services to consumers.

If the injuries sustained from the defective products are permanent, the class action lawyer seeks out expert witnesses. These witnesses can provide testimony that proves the goods caused permanent disabilities, which may have prevented the client from returning to gainful employment.


What are key indicators of a qualified class action lawyer?

Choosing a class action lawyer should be done carefully. The attorney should have previous experience handling class action cases as well as the knowledge to capably assess whether to pursue an individual or class action lawsuit. They should also be willing to go to trial, if necessary.

  1. Applicable Experience

Each class action lawsuit differs, from workplace bias to consumer rights violations and personal injury due to defective products. The right class action attorney has experience handling cases that are similar to the one being presented. Ask about their success rate in comparable class action suits.

  1. Knowledge of Court Systems

Consider the potential class action attorney’s experience with jurisdictional requirements. Class action suits can take place in a state, district, or federal court. Choose a class action lawyer who is experienced in navigating the various court systems and who can provide effective representation regardless of location.

  1. Fee Transparency

Assess the fee arrangements when looking for a class action lawyer. Transparency is essential for ensuring a good client-lawyer relationship. Most class action lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they take a percentage of the judgment amount if the case is won.

Legal expertise is crucial in class action lawsuits. Class action lawyers can successfully navigate the complex maze of class action suits and provide much-needed guidance through this unfamiliar territory. They use their knowledge of the law to uphold plaintiffs’ rights and ensure their voices are heard.

Anyone who is involved in a class action suit needs a skilled class action attorney on their side. These lawyers investigate the facts, compile the necessary evidence, craft compelling cases, and construct persuasive legal arguments. With their help, plaintiffs have a better chance of a favorable outcome.


Anderson+Wanca Class Action Law Firm

When you are considering joining a class action lawsuit, choose the class action attorneys at Anderson+Wanca. We are a local class action law firm with a team of knowledgeable attorneys who will fight for your legal rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Anderson+Wanca is prepared to discuss your case with you and evaluate your eligibility for a class action lawsuit. We take pride in our vast experience, transparent fees, and knowledge of various court systems. Contact us at our Rolling Meadows, Illinois, office for expert legal counsel.